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I’m constantly amazed by all the stylish kids clothes out there these days. There are so many options! I’ve recently discovered a new kids online shop called Milkhouse. I think it will easily become my favorite. I love that they offer “free shipping” – the magic word for online retail. Their selection is limited at the moment but the few pieces they do have already caught my eyes. So I’m really curious to see what the shop will be offering in the next couple of months.

Speaking of kids clothes, I need to stock up on summer clothes for Hayden and Hadley. With the sudden heat wave in SF, my 2 girls literally have no clothes to wear! I’m so embarrassed, haha! Hayden’s been on a growth spurt and everything I have for her is so tight. As for Hadley, she’s been getting a lot of her sister’s hand-me-downs, and not everything is fitting her correctly. So, as much as I’m trying to save some moola, I need get shoppin’ for these girls!

Anyway, did you see Hadley’s new Mini Style on Steller? Here’s Hayden’s too if you missed it.

Have a great weekend, everyone! xo Jeanne