Mini + Me In Refinery29 Today!


Wow! What do I say when Refinery29 calls me a Cool Mom?!

Almost feels like I won an award! I am BEYOND flattered today to be featured on “6 Locals Show Us Their Cool Mommy Style and Ultra-Adorbs Kids!“ So honored and amazing to be amongst this group of stylish moms and their kids in the bay. And seeing baby Hayden being featured is un-be-liev-able!

So for today’s post, I love to invite you over to read up on my interview. Hope you enjoy! Be warned, your ovaries might ache from all the cuteness in the feature. 

A huge shoutout to R29’s fab editor Katie Hintz-Zambrano and amazing photog Molly DeCoudreauxThanks a million for making me and my baby shine! 

(Image via Refinery29

  • I just read the feature – you two are way too adorable! Congrats on being a cool mom, Jeanne! ;)

  • Ashley Lovett

    Oooooh! Congratulations, Jeanne! You and little Miss Hayden look fabulous. Great article :)

    Have a great day!

  • Absolutely adorable!!!! 

  • Oh, super cool!  Congrats!!!  When I have more than a few minutes I’m going to have to read the whole feature.  It doesn’t look like Refinery29 is in Houston.  Bummer.

    Congrats again though!

  • hayden is adorable!!! congrats on being a “cool mom” ;)

  • Natalie

    Cuteness overload. I love this feature.

  • Congrats on the feature! You and all of the cool moms make it look so hip, the opposite of what I picture when I think of traditional mommy style. Hayden is adorable, what a wonderful memory for her!

  • Mailyn

    Just too cute! I hope I can maintain this balance of coolness and cuteness when I become a mom. By the way, I absolutely love your top and pants….would you mind sharing where they are from?

  • Trina

    OMG .. you guys are cuter than cupcakes, seriously.  All the stripes are def making my eyes smile!  Congrats on the fab feature! 
    xo . trina

  • A huge congratulations Jeanne!  I can only aspire to be what Refinery 29 calls a cool mom some day too – so awesome. 

  • so sweet Jeanne! I love that you said going to places and doing things that are both baby & mommy friendly is important. It’s so easy to lose your identity as a person when you have children if you only do baby/child related outings. xx

  • omg, she is TOO cute! congrats on such a fun and adorable feature – and a frameworthy photo you’ll treasure for years to come! ;) xoxo

  • I love your interview. I especially love when you say, “Expose them to what you enjoy as well and you will both be happy.” I’m just starting to make this realization. (Why it took me so long, I have no idea.) It is a win-win. I think when the kids see what you’re passionate about, they will naturally gravitate towards those things, as well. (That’s the plan anyway ;). 

    • Totally forgot to mention the most important thing – You and H look beautiful.