How Do You Glow?








I haven’t visited The Glow in a while and came across so many beautiful pictures there I wanted to share. Seeing all these gorgeous moms and their babies just want to make you step up your game and make yourself glow a little, doesn’t it?

As a young mom, there are certainly days I feel unpretty. Making yourself a priority is almost next to impossible when caring for your child, your work and your home all comes first. I still remember prior to being a mom, I can easily find time to put myself together and commit to a workout schedule. But now, I have more like 15mins to put on my face, if I’m lucky.

There are times where I would feel frustrated and wish there are more time in a day (also, a 24/7 nanny could be helpful!) However, feeling frustrated only makes things worse, I know. So I wonder, what do young moms do to make themselves feel better, or glow, in this case? Please share your tips, I ‘d love to hear!

(Images via The Glow)


  • For me its simply to get up a little before my kids, shower, get dressed, put on a little make-up, and feel refreshed. Its amazing how starting off on the right foot can help you immensely. A little mascara goes a long way;)

  • LOVE the glow!!! Such a gorgeous website. I often just throw up my hair into a top knot and head out the door realizing I may or may not have looked in the mirror… that being said, I think once I became a mother it was less about making myself up and more about feeling good on the inside. I splurge on things that make me feel beautiful and those things help transform spit up laden me to happy, bright and cherry me. I’ve learned to embrace my natural beauty (and start to accept that I may have a wee little bit) and see that less is MORE. 

    Splurge on skin brightening moisturizers, shimmery blush and treat yourself to facials, let the natural beauty shine instead of spending 30 minutes a day covering, highlighting and becoming something different. 

    That’s my advice. Xx

  • Ang

    Gorgeous pics!  Thanks for sharing!  I wake up with the sun and go for a run.  I put out this energy for the early morning workouts to get energy for the entire.  Seriously, I feel so lethargic if I don’t workout in the mornings.  That’s my number #1.  My number 2 would be to put on a little mascara.  =) 

  • Lindsay’s comment totally resonates with me as well. I feel more “Glow-y” than ever since having my second baby, all while trying to maintain a business, a marriage, a home, and a social life. Less is definitely more, but taking care of myself has been more important than ever and it’s paying off. And of course, finding other inspirational mamas and their blogs and pins and Tweets…always helps energize me. 

  • Fenny

    Visited the website and I love to see all the glowing mom n kids pictures. I don’t have enough time for my self when my daughter was born, now that she is 2plus, I feel life as a motherhood becomes easier. She is like my best friend and honest criticizer :).  I always involve her during my quality time, means when times for me to get pretty and put on some make up, she will be beside me and copy what I am doing. I thought that was cute and a way to spending time together :).

  • Anastasia

    Yes I love this site too – inspiring mammas!  But don’t forget in our childrens eyes we are
    beautiful all the time.

    Its not just about being beautiful on the exterior but yes it
    does make a difference about how you feel. 
    I try to wake up before my boys to get ME ready then I can get their day
    ready too – school lunches, help them pack their bags etc

     Getting a
    professional blow out makes me feel fabulous so if I have time I get that done
    once a week – lasts for days and I don’t have to deal with my curly hair!

    Before kids I too used to give myself weekly manicures …now
    days Im lucky to find time to trim my nails each month…short and pale that’s my
    manicure look nowdays…

  • Love The Glow! The site is definitely beautiful. Like you, some days I wish I had more time to make myself glow. On days when there’s simply no time, these are the things I always make sure to do every day: jump in the shower as soon as I get up, floss, throw my hair up in a topknot, put sunscreen on my face, make the bed, move my body in some way during the day (e.g., take a walk), eat right, and read one inspiring thing. See, I already accomplished my last goal by coming here today and reading this post and the comments. Thank you, Jeanne! ;)

  • 1smileygirl

    What a great site. I love all the photos. I get inspiration when I see photos that have to do with families and such. I do agree how beauty comes from within but having a bit of makeup helps too. :) But now that I’ve stuck with a fitness routine, that is really helping me more now, especially with trying to keep up with two very active little boys. I think they are what keep me young and fresh.