Homemade Baby Food Made Easy


Baby H is way beyond her stage of eating baby food, but I wish I had read up on this post on how to efficiently make homemade baby food.

Baby H is not a bad eater by any means. In fact, she’s considered a pretty good eater. But there are still some food group that I wish I had introduced to her earlier. Like beets, bell peppers, asparagus, basically vegetables that offered more fiber. Now that she’s 19 months and well aware of what she’s putting in her mouth, any color or texture that looks strange to her she would not try.

When I stumbled upon this post, I thought I must try this for my next kid. Not only does Shawna (the author of the blog and a second-time mother to a new baby boy) shows us the importance of making real, whole foods for your baby, but she also shows us how we can efficiently prep these (pretty looking) baby food so that we are not slave to making them every single day – which was a real chore for me! She even have a video tutorial to show you how she does it.

So yes, if you’re an expecting mother or have a baby who is on the way to eating solids, read up on this! It’s a nice feeling that we, as parents, are doing our part on raising healthy, happy children.

Happy Wednesday!

(Source & images via Styleberry)