Flora and The Penguin | Why This Wordless Picture Book Is The Best + Giveaway (Closed)



One thing I really enjoy as a parent is reading books with my children. I love starting them young. I started reading with Hayden as early as she was 9 months old and now that she is 4 years old, I love seeing how her cognitive skills and creativity have developed over the years.

We recently received a beautiful, new book called Flora and the Penguin, which is a follow-up to Flora and the Flamingo, a Caldecott Medal book that recognizes the most distinguished American picture book for children. These are gorgeous, wordless illustration books with flaps that open and shut. The author and illustrator, Molly Idle, used to work at DreamWorks Animation, so without a doubt, these books are simply stunning for all ages.The book is currently available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Chronicle BooksIndiebound, your local library and wherever books are sold. Hayden adores them, and so does Hadley and I! (Though Hadley at 20 months is a bit too young to tell a story, but she does love playing with the flaps!) 

This book, however, is perfect to start at Hayden’s age, and here’s why:


Perfect for bonding and quality time. My alone time with Hayden is scarce these days but when I do get them with her, I try to make the most of it by doing something productive. On the weekends when Hadley goes down for a nap, I can usually sneak in alone time by reading books with Hayden. Flora and the Penguin is amazing because it stirred up fun conversations, and I love all the funny things that Hayden came up with while telling the story. She decided to name the Penguin, “Fartsy”, haha! Please don’t even ask me how she came up with that name, but it sure made us laughed silly!



It Practices Story Telling Skills. One thing I wish I had learned more as a child was story telling. I was never really good at it, but had realized how important that skill set can be in the adult world. It can help you launch projects, build trust, and inspire those around you. Sure this may not apply to Hayden for another 20 years, but I do think it’s important for her to build that skill set now so that it becomes a second nature to her.

I love that this book has no words, and that it can have multiple story lines. It really opens up your child’s imagination. We went through this book two times already, and each time, it has a slightly different story. I love how it helps her explore different scenarios and that there are always more than one side to a story.



Learn About Your Child’s Development and Cognitive Skills. As a busy parent, I sometimes forget to check in to see how Hayden is developing. I assume that once she’s in school, her teachers will keep her in check. While I know it’s also a parent’s job to keep up with their child’s progress, we sometimes are just too tired and we forget to do just that.

I think going through books like Flora and the Penguin together is fun and it helps me access how well Hayden is developing as a child. I love learning about her emotions, thinking, and reasoning. In one part of the book where the Penguin was illustrated under the water while Flora was skating by herself, Hayden’s interpretation was… “Flora doesn’t know what the Penguin (Fartsy) is doing under the water. Flora is feeling sad and misses Fartsy. She’s skating by herself alone. Alone is sad. :( ” 

I was glad to learn that Hayden was able to access certain emotions and that I was able to get glimpse into her world on why being alone is sad. This gives me a chance to let her know that sometimes it’s ok to be alone.


I love that spending just 30 minutes on this book, I’m able to bond with Hayden, teach her new skills, and learn more about her. While books with words are great for learning language and structure, a book without words are great for learning story telling skills and the endless possibilities!



I cannot tell you how much I love this book series and how lovely it looks in her book case! With the holidays coming up, I am definitely buying a few copies for my nephews and nieces.

GIVEAWAY!! Together with Chronicle Books, I am also giving away 3 copies of the Flora and the Penguin! (Closed)

** The winner to this giveaway is…. Katie Kizzire! Congrats!! Will be contacting you shortly to receive your book.**

Comment below by telling me “where is your favorite spot to read a book” and you are entered to win a free copy!

Giveaway starts today, 9/30, and will end next Tuesday, 10/7 at 11:59pm PST. Winner will be picked at random. Open to U.S. residents only. Here is a very sweet animated trailer of the book! Good Luck!

xo Jeanne


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  • Jenny

    I have two sweet kids, Finley & Cooper. Our favorite place to read is their father’s giant, childhood beanbag in their playroom.

  • vanessa

    i have two little ones, cruz and remy. we love to read books snuggled up in bed! this would be a great addition to our collection!

  • Sharon

    On the reading rug with my two youngest nieces Ashley and Halie…

  • alexis

    Our favorite place to read is on the bed, snuggled under the blankets with all the pillows behind us.

  • Irene

    On the glider in my son’s room, every night before bed.

  • I’m expecting a little girl in December and would love to add this book to her collection. Would snuggle up in our glider and make up a story for her!

  • Danielle Heape

    I love snuggling up on our big cozy couch with my son and daughter! It just so happens that we discovered Flora and the Penguin at the library today and brought it home with us ~ how could anyone resist?

  • Marena

    We love to snuggle up on a big soft carpet right in front of his bookcase. That way as soon as he’s done reading one he can grab another. This looks like an adorable book, happy reading!

  • Hannah

    Our favorite spot is in bed with cozy blankets!

  • Piia

    In bed, always! Thanks for the chance.

  • Katie Kizzire

    On our couch with all his stuffed animals :)

  • Melanie Hill

    In bed with all the puffy pillows!!!

  • Jamie Ng Rose

    In our sunroom with all the natural sunlight streaming in through the many windows!

  • Diana Cote

    It depends on the day but we read a lot in bed every night to help her wind down, we also read a lot on the sofa together. :)

  • Debbie Dixson aka gaga

    I have a hand me down mint green chaise in the grandkids sleepover room and that is our favorite reading and cuddling spot. The kids love the combination chair and bed.

  • Jackie Gee

    Favorite spot to read a book by myself or with my daughter is in the glider chair in the master bedroom. Thanks for a chance to win!