Beauty And The Baby


Before I had a baby, I didn’t think twice about what products I had on my face – it was all about the hottest beauty brands and the prettiest packaging. But, ever since I had baby H, I became a bit more conscious of what I have on. Especially now that we’re constantly rubbing faces and giving each other kisses, it’s only natural that, as a mother, I start to worry what gets rubbed off onto my little one, right? Like the CoverGirl lipstick I have on? Yikes, lots of lead!

So today, I thought it’d be fun to bring in my beauty savvy friend/talented make-up artist/a hot stylist/beauty blogger, Erin Dudley, to give me a little beauty lesson on what to get as a new mom. Check out her picks on the essential products I use daily – who knew CoverGirl has a NautreLuxe line! 

1. FACE MOISTURIZER, Ormedic Skincare. “Basically it’s like “Mother Nature with a medical degree”. It’s potent blend of powerful anti-oxidants and the purest organic ingredients will show a radical difference in your skin. The best part? It’s paraben, silicon, petrochemical and chemical preservative free with Certified Organic ingredients and fragranced with 100% essential oils. They don’t test on animals and it’s eco friendly!”

2. FOUNDATION, CoverGirl NatureLuxe. “It’s made with cucumber water, rose hip extracts and jojoba so it’s really light yet lasts all day!”

3. FACE PRIMER, Korres. “This primer is silicone, paraben, synthetic dye, petrochemical free! It’s 99% natural, full of anti-oxidants and minimizes pores for a flawless canvas before applying makeup!”

4. CONCEALER, by DermaMinerals. “Rich in vitamins A & E, anti-oxidants, anti-aging properties and buckwheat extract for anti-puffiness. This little miracle is paraben, talc, synthetic dye and bismuth oxycloride free! It’s amazing to see how much it covers and smoothes. Also won for Best Concealer by Natural Health Magazine!”

5. HAND & BODY LOTION, Innersense Organic Beauty. “This product was nominated for the Best Organic Body Lotion by Natural Health Magazine. It’s blend of Certified Organic butters and natural scents of grapefruit and jasmine is truly heavenly. It is enriched with vitamins, proteins and anti-oxidants! They also have a great organic hair care line.”

6. MAKEUP POWDER, OPIVU Cosmetics. “This powder goes on like a velvety dream. It’s jet-milled to fine perfection and can be worn three different ways for subtle to complete coverage!  Looks flawless for everyday, on camera and in photos for a smooth and soft complexion. Plus it’s good for your skin!”

7. BLUSH, OPIVU Cosmetics. “Their mineral blushes are AH-mazing. What I love about their colors is that they’re multi-dimensional. Coral Sun is a radiant blend of peach, gold, pink and coral. It has a gorgeous sheen that instantly perks up your face. It’s all mineral based so you can nuzzle your baby’s cheeks worry free!”

8. LIPSTICK, OPIVU Cosmetics. “It’s paraben free and packed with vitamins and jojoba oil for the ultimate supple lip with long lasting color.”

For more beauty products that are smart for Mommy’s and safe for babies, check it out here!

Do you have other beauty products you can recommend to new moms?

  • Ashley Lovett

    I don’t know if I could ever go from my Chanel foundation back to CoverGirl, but this has me thinking it over…maybe just as a trial….

    Happy Wednesday, Jeanne!

  • I think I’ll have to check out the Korres primer. I’ve been using the smasbox primer for ages, but I never really feel like it does much so I’ve been wanting to try something new now that I’ve run out. I was going to try the Laura Mercier, but maybe I’ll try the Korres since it sounds like it’s really good for your skin. 

    • Cool, I was thinking the same thing. I’ve been looking for a new primer too and this is definitely going on my “to-get” list :) 

  • Madmaxandfamily

    Thanks!  Love this.  I too try to be as natural / green / healthy as possible.  That’s great that you have a makeup go to person.  My sister, Tamra (that put me in touch with you) is a great person for that for me!  She worked at L’Oreal for several years.  Curious.. I have a boy …but do you think you will let your little girl play with makeup?  At my school we don’t even let the MS girls wear make up!


    • I don’t think so. I would like to hold her off on the make-up thing as long as I can with her… but it’s also hard because she sees me put on make up. I came from a catholic school so I didn’t experience with make-up until high school, which by then it’s understandable, but I will still try to let her know natural beauty is the best way to go.

  • Thanks for these great recommendations. There some good stuff up there. Yep, my daughter (2.5) is already showing interest in makeup as she watches me put it on. (She will just sit at my feet and play with my old brushes.) My son watched me, but never developed or showed an interest. Interesting.

  • Research suggests that some wrinkle creams contain ingredients that may improve the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Hannah Sowd Skin Care

    I’ve been looking for a silicone-free primer, I’ll have to check out the Korres product. I love that it’s paraben-free as well, great list!