A Conversation with my BFF: What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?


Lunch with Haydenboo

Hayden is talking a lot now, almost like an adult. It blows my mind that I’m actually holding a conversation with a 3 year old these days! I love it so much, it really feels like I’m talking to my best friend. Recently, being the parent that I am, I asked Hayden what she wanted to be when she grows up. Based on the things she’s interested in right now, here’s what I asked her:

Hayden and I

Me: “Hayden, do you want to build and be an architect? (She loves building castles and playgrounds.) Do you want to draw and be an artist? (She loves to paint and color.) Do you want to perform and be a dancer? (She’s currently taking dance classes.) Do you want to heal people and be a doctor? (She loves Doc McStuffin.) Or do you want to be a Disney princess? (She loooooves Frozen but I’m crossing my fingers she’s not picking this one!)

So, which one do you want to be, baby?

Hayden: *shrugs with her little shoulders and the cutest smile* Mama, I don’t know.

Me: Ok, If you have to pick one, which one would you want to be? I won’t tell anyone. (me thinking… please no princess, please no princess)

Hayden: *in her silliest voice and smile* Mama, I want to be EVERYTHING!

Silly lunch

Ok, did that answer totally made me laugh or what?! It was so simple yet unexpected. It also made me think… oh yea, why did I limit her to being “one” thing? If she wants to be an architect and an artist and a dancer and a doctor and a princess, well, it’s a little ambitious, but, she can totally do it! I shouldn’t conform her to having only one interest.

Her mind is so simple and open right now it’s actually quite inspiring! To her, there’s no such thing as limitation. Everything is possible as long as she wants to do it. I know this doesn’t quite translate into the adult world due to certain circumstances, but I guess the takeaway is that don’t limit yourself to being one thing. If you have other interests you want to pursue, keep an open mind and go at it!

I am currently working on two personal projects that I’m taking a little bit of risk in (I’ll fill you guys in later when I can say more, but I’m super excited about them!!!) So to hear this from my little girl was such an encouragement. I hope this would inspire you too if you have any personal projects or interests you want to pursue. I know it’s hard to find the encouragement sometimes, especially when we’re not getting any younger! But hey, at least when you get older, you can say you have done EVERYTHING!

Alright, that’s my little inspiration talk today. :) Have a happy weekend, everyone! And don’t forget, I’ll be hosting a kids event at Marimekko in Palo Alto Stanford Shopping Center this Saturday (1-3PM) to celebrate the launch of their children’s collection. Here’s the invitation in case you missed it. Hope you can make it! I’d love to meet you and your little ones!

xo Jeanne

Images via SST’s Instagram taken at La Boulange du Dome. Downtown, SF.