And we are having a…








It’s hard to believe that I’m almost halfway through my pregnancy. I felt like I just announced it to you guys not too long ago.

I have a little over 20 weeks before I’m due. It doesn’t sound like it’s a lot of time, and it’s not. But in between these 20 weeks, we’re gonna have to get through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year before we welcome our new “mini boo” (that’s what we’ve been calling our baby) into our livesSo yea, it still seems like a long way to go for me.

Well, the half way pregnancy is one of the most exciting times for lots of parents. Because this means it’s GENDER REVEAL time!! However, I do sometimes wish I can be one of those parents who can wait for the surprise. But I don’t know, that’s just too much anticipation for me! So yesterday, George and I had our 2nd trimester fetal ultra sound and what do we see??? Well, honestly, I don’t really know how to read ultra sounds, haha! So our nurse told us that we are having a…. drumroll please…… GIRL!!!

George and I were sooooo happy when we found out that Hayden will have a little sister to play with. We can already imagine them holding hands, playing with each other’s hair, screaming at each other, and most importantly, becoming best friends. I don’t expect them to be alike at all, but what I hope for is that they will have a special bond that only sisters will understand.

Now comes the hard part… picking the name!


  • Congrats – having two little girls is just the sweetest thing :) 

  • Congratulations Jeanne! You will be the mama of two absolutely beautiful little girls <3

  • Amanda Weiss

    Awww another little girl!!! So happy for you and your family! Being one of two sisters myself, I know its the best thing in the world- I get to have a lifelong best friend no matter what! YAYYY! :-)

    <3 Amanda


  • Congratulations, Jeanne! I have a younger sister and it is the best gift my parents gave to me (if that doesn’t sound too weird ;). There really is nothing like the bond between sisters. My sister and I are seven years apart and so we were always at different life stages, but we always managed to be there for one another. I think it will be extra special that H. and her new sister will be close in age. Exciting times await!

  • Kristen

    Big Congrats Jeanne! So happy for you and your family. :)

  • katiehintzzambrano

    YAY! So happy for you guys! Hayden will be the best big sister! xoxo

  • Congrats! I heard Jennifer was a good name ;)

  • Awww congratulations!!! :)

  • EEEPP  That’s what I thought when I saw your headline.  Congrats!  That’s super awesome.  Sisters are the best.  I can’t believe I only have 2 (less than) months left.  I think panic is starting to set in.  And hormones.


  • WWGwyneth Do

    Congratulations, Jeanne! So very exciting! xx

    Raluca | WhatWouldGwynethDo

  • Awwww! <3 Jeanne, this is awesome. Congrats! Wishing you lots of happiness to you and your family. So stoked for you.

  • Yay! Congrats! We’re having a girl, too :) I’m also just about at 20 weeks – sounds like our little girls will be born days apart ;)

  • WithStyleGrace

    Congratulations you two!! So exciting, another girl!! :)

  • Ashley Lovett

    Congratulations, Jeanne! Girls rule ;)


  • 1smileygirl

    Congrats! My hubby still talks about wanting a girl but I’m so done. I just like to dress my friends who have little girls. That is so much fun!

  • congrats jeanne!!! i’m glad that hayden will have a little sis :)

  • Congratulations Jeanne! So excited for the three of you! Hayden is going to be such a good big sister!

  • Aww, congrats again Jeanne- that’s really exciting! :D

  • Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    Congratulations, J! Such lovely news! :)

  • Hooray! Congrats, Jeanne!

  • Congratulations! Very exciting news.

    Stay in the Lines

  • Fenny

    I am so happy to you my dear Jeanne. Two girls would be adorable :)

  • Marie @etincellestudio

    I guessed right (from the shape of your tummy on the pics above) :-)
    Congrats to the three of you, loads of fun (and hardwork too) to come!

  • Meg Biram (MIMI+MEG)


  • Oh this is such great news, Jeanne!! And I am pretty sure you’ll come up with a fab name!!!

  • Oh my gosh – hooray for a little girl!! So excited for you. 
    We have our gender reveal next week…can’t wait to know what our first one will be.  :)

    And what fun + fantastic photos Jeanne!  Totally brought a smile to my face.
    XO – Marion

  • Yayyyyyy a girl how exciting for little Hayden!! Having a sister is the best :) 

  • heycaryl

    YAY!!!  So excited for you.  YAY! for team pink!!

  • kp

    So happy for you Jeanne!! Not that I’m biased but girls are awesome!! :D

  • houseofearnest

    Congratulations!  That is so exciting!  Sisterly love is such a fun thing :)