A Very Special Weekend For Me & Hayden.


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This is the last weekend Hayden and I will spend together before her baby sister arrives. It will be a very special one. (And yes, I’ll be spending the next one in a hospital…)

This past 2.5 year went by really quick for me. I can still remember that precious moment when I held Hayden for the very first time. That feeling is truly indescribable yet so unforgettable! And since then, she has brought me so much joy and continues to make me laugh every single day!

I knew I’ve always wanted to be a mother, but never knew how much I actually enjoy being one. It even landed me in this article with Refinery29. Hayden has been such a fun baby to handle. Sure, she has her moments, but for the most part she’s always smiling, always playful. Now that she’s older, Hayden is starting to communicate with me by putting words together, telling me about her day, how she’s feeling, what she likes and doesn’t like, playing with my stuff and pretending to be me, and doing silly dances to make me laugh! It amazes me how bright and smart she is for a small little girl.

I’m very much looking forward to welcoming my second child, but it has also been hard for me to let go the fact that Hayden will no longer be the baby. It kind of breaks my heart that she has to grow up and be the bigger sister. I didn’t think I would get so emotional about this, but there’s just something about it that brings tears to my eyes. I know that’s life, but I’m sure all mothers share the same feeling that they just want to keep their babies  as “a baby” forever. (Or am I the only one??)

On the bright side, I am excited to have my little helper. We’ve been trying to get her excited about having a baby sister and she seems to be pretty acceptable to the idea. We got her a Cabbage Patch Kids and have been doing pretend play with her, and it seems to be working. However, being that she’s still only 2.5 and everything is about “me, me, me”, I know we will have to deal with the jealousy issue no matter what. Hopefully, it won’t be too bad. I think dealing with these difficulties and finding the best way to handle them will only make me a better parent, and Hayden, a better girl.

I can’t wait to spend a fun-filled weekend with her! I will probably spoil her like crazy and let her have all the ice-cream and cookies she wants, haha! But seriously, I definitely want to make it a special one – just me, her and George. I do want to look back one day to this weekend and remembering our lives together before mini boo arrives. For the second time mothers (parents) out there, did you do anything special with your first kid before the second one arrived? Did you share the same feelings as me? I would love to hear your story!

I wish you all a lovely weekend and thanks so much for reading! I’ll see you back on Monday! xo Jeanne