Wine Date At Heart


Vouvray Wine

Heart Wine

Elizabeth (Mission:Closet), Adelle (Fashionista Lab)

Fab Mission/Noe ladies: Elizabeth (Mission:Closet), Adelle (Fashionista Lab)

Rossmore necklace from Mira Mira

Loving all of  E’s accessories… especially her Rossmore necklace from Mira Mira.

Adelle in her fun costume jewelry!

The adorable Adelle in her fun costume jewelry!

Wine date at Heart

Jeanne at Heart

Heart Wine Bar

Met up with some of my favorite (blogging) girls from the Mission/Noe area for a few drinks at Heart a few weeks ago. I’m lucky to be living so close to them in such a vibrant part of town where its got the most stylish cafes, shops, eateries, and bars! (oh, the people too!)

The get together was chill and relaxing…no agenda…it was just us girls hanging out and having a good time! Too bad the night was getting a little dark so I couldn’t get everyone’s picture, but others who joined that night were Mira (Mira Mira), Lorraine (SF Indie Fashion), and Carolyn (Victory with Flair).

I’m thinking I need to stock up on some mason jars at home to drink wine with… so cool, isn’t it? Can’t wait for the next Mission/Noe girls hangout!

Heart 1270 Valencia Street, San Francisco, Mission