Have You SneakPeeq Today?


Sneakpeeq App Party

Last week I was invited to a demo preview of a new social commerce on Facebook called Sneakpeeq, it’s an app where you get to shop your favorite brands on FB and play with your friends to bid for lower prices. They feature in-season products daily, and this Monday they just launched their beta version with the new Kate Spade collection (and who doesn’t love Kate Spade?)

Since social commerce is supposed to be the next big thing, I was happy to catch a live demo from Lauren and Monica, and chatted up with these lovely blogger ladies {Eli from Thrift Eye, Becca from Free Honey, Elizabeth from Mission:Closet, Natalie from Like Fresh Laundry, and Amber from Amber’s Notebook} about the new app. Personally, I thought the concept was a little hard to understand in the beginning, but once I got my hands onto the demo it was pretty easy to catch on.

Sneakpeeq Shopping

Okay, so this is how it works (once you join Sneakpeeq):

  1. Each day you receive “10 peeqs” and those peeqs expire each night. You can gain more peeqs as you play the game, move up in status, and gain perks like free shipping and exclusive peeqs at special items.
  2. When you see an item you love, simply hit “peeq” and a special price is revealed to you. Each time someone “peeqs” the price goes lower!
  3. The more people peeq, the lower the price! Players play for the item until someone decides to purchase – it’s like a reverse auction!
  4. If you like the price, buy it quick before someone else snags it. You only have 15 seconds after the price is revealed to make your decision to click “Buy”.

Sneakpeeq Shopping

Sneakpeeq also lets you see which one of your FB friends peeq’d at an item, so it’s like you’re shopping with your friends in real-time (except you’re at work or at home!) For someone who loves to shop and find bargains, I can see how this app can get quite addicting.

Their Kate Spade sale event has already ended, but their next sale event starts at 6pmPST today. If you have a chance, try it out. I am curious to see what you think of this new app, and especially the future of social commerce on Facebook? Are you an app person? Do you think social commerce will turn into something huge?