SF Love + Fun Face About Me…


San Francisco Love poster

It’s a funny thing when you’re out and about meeting people in S.F., you always get asked…“where are you from?”

No one expects that you’re from San Francisco anymore. It has become such a transplant city that it’s almost rare when you come across a native San Franciscan.

Am I a native? No, I’m not. But I just realized this month, March, is my 25th year living in this beautiful city (wow, a quarter of a century!) My early childhood memories are from Hong Kong, and for that, I will always love where I’m from. But ever since my junior high school years, everything happened in S.F.. Not once did I leave the city. Actually, I think someone said to me once, if you went to high school in S.F., you’re consider a native, haha!

Anyways, this city has evolved so much over the years and I really do love how vibrant it’s becoming. The food, the shopping, the people, the events – I think I finally know why my weekends are never long enough these days! I love my old friends and new. My family is here. Everything happened for me here… and come to think of it, I’d be pretty darn happy if I get to live in S.F. for the rest of my life!

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