Rue Magazine + Gap Party!


Grystal, Co-founder of Rue Magazine and Annie of Poetic & Chic.

Top: Super fun photobooth by Smilebooth. Top left: Anne, Co-founder of Rue Magazine photoboothing with Erin, Apartment 34. Bottom left: Me & Crystal. Bottom right: Stacy, Hello Cupcake and friend.

Taylor found just the perfect t-shirt! Founder of Glitter Guide and Sterling Style.

Top right: Hanging with my girls Whit of Britt+Whit, Taylor, Jesica of Ryzenberg On. Bottom left: My good friend + new contributor, Katie!!! Bottom right: Stylish ladies Jacky of The Hourglass & Adiel of It’s Because I think Too Much.

Must get a pair for myself and baby H! (in every color!) :)

Ah, so proud of the Rue girls! Top left clockwise, Cassandra, Coco+Kelley. Crystal, Plush Palate. Bri, Design Love Fest. Anne, The City Sage.

More Smilebooth fun with Katie! Bottom left: A few ladies from the Poshmark team. Bottom right: Putnam of Nothing Broken, Angie of The Hotness Your Mama Warned You About and friend.

Anne rockin’ the floor with Mr. DJ, The Flashdance + friends, super cute! I need to learn moves like her! :)

Last night, Rue Magazine and Gap held a party to celebrate their collaboration on their successful campaign. It was such a fun night filled with stylish people, great music, yummy bites, lots of champs and photo booth action! As you can tell, when Rue throws a party, it never disappoints.

I think it’s so amazing that Gap is partnering with one of my favorite online mags for this campaign. The Rue girls are so talented and every time they have a new issue out, it’s always better than the last. I don’t know how they do it, but they just do. I am so happy for them and really think they deserve every bit of this success. And don’t they all look ridiculously beautiful? :) 

Thank you so much for an ah-mazing party last night, Rue! Everything was done so well, even the valet guys from Jeffrey Valet were cute (darn, forgot a picture of them!)  Many, many congrats again on this wonderful collaboration with Gap!

(All images via Shop Sweet Things)

  • Adiel

    You have some really great pics! That party really was too much fun! So good to see you!

    P.S. did you know the valet people were flown up from LA?

  • Amanda

    Aww such great photos!! You looked so cute and I wish I got to say hiiii!! See you at the Poshmark event on Wed though! :-)

    <3 <3 <3 Amanda

  • Krista Gray

    Adorable photos! It looks like it was a blast.

  • Santina

    Great photos, Jeanne! Looks like so much fun. I was sad to miss it! Hope to see you soon – it’s been too long!

  • Bettina

    Looks like such a fun party, and with dancing how fabulous! Love how brands our working directly with influencers in the industry to engage their customer base!

  • Nnenna

    This event looks like it was so much fun- I could tell from all the tweets last night! :)  Also, I heard there was some cool nail art there- jealous! :D

  • Ashley Lovett

    How cute! And it looks like you had a blast. I’m loving your not-so-mellow yellow pants ;)

    Happy Friday!

  • Crystal @ Rue

    Thanks so much for this wonderful write-up, Jeanne! Your support means the world to us! 

  • Sarah @ SLDS

    You Cali gals always get to party it up together – lucky lucky! Also, I’m fairly convinced I NEED a smilebooth at my wedding.  

  • Tara Johnson

    This looks like fun!  And I love that Rue is a new discovery for me. 

    I heart your shirt too.


  • pancakeSTACKER

    awww! you took SUCH good pics from that night! i looked and only had like 2 photos – oops! so glad someone got some awesome snaps :) it’s been great running into you so much lately! looking forward to seeing you at the poshmark party on weds too!