Rue Magazine + Gap Party!


Grystal, Co-founder of Rue Magazine and Annie of Poetic & Chic.

Top: Super fun photobooth by Smilebooth. Top left: Anne, Co-founder of Rue Magazine photoboothing with Erin, Apartment 34. Bottom left: Me & Crystal. Bottom right: Stacy, Hello Cupcake and friend.

Taylor found just the perfect t-shirt! Founder of Glitter Guide and Sterling Style.

Top right: Hanging with my girls Whit of Britt+Whit, Taylor, Jesica of Ryzenberg On. Bottom left: My good friend + new contributor, Katie!!! Bottom right: Stylish ladies Jacky of The Hourglass & Adiel of It’s Because I think Too Much.

Must get a pair for myself and baby H! (in every color!) :)

Ah, so proud of the Rue girls! Top left clockwise, Cassandra, Coco+Kelley. Crystal, Plush Palate. Bri, Design Love Fest. Anne, The City Sage.

More Smilebooth fun with Katie! Bottom left: A few ladies from the Poshmark team. Bottom right: Putnam of Nothing Broken, Angie of The Hotness Your Mama Warned You About and friend.

Anne rockin’ the floor with Mr. DJ, The Flashdance + friends, super cute! I need to learn moves like her! :)

Last night, Rue Magazine and Gap held a party to celebrate their collaboration on their successful campaign. It was such a fun night filled with stylish people, great music, yummy bites, lots of champs and photo booth action! As you can tell, when Rue throws a party, it never disappoints.

I think it’s so amazing that Gap is partnering with one of my favorite online mags for this campaign. The Rue girls are so talented and every time they have a new issue out, it’s always better than the last. I don’t know how they do it, but they just do. I am so happy for them and really think they deserve every bit of this success. And don’t they all look ridiculously beautiful? :) 

Thank you so much for an ah-mazing party last night, Rue! Everything was done so well, even the valet guys from Jeffrey Valet were cute (darn, forgot a picture of them!)  Many, many congrats again on this wonderful collaboration with Gap!

(All images via Shop Sweet Things)

  • You have some really great pics! That party really was too much fun! So good to see you!

    P.S. did you know the valet people were flown up from LA?

  • Amanda

    Aww such great photos!! You looked so cute and I wish I got to say hiiii!! See you at the Poshmark event on Wed though! :-)

    <3 <3 <3 Amanda

  • Adorable photos! It looks like it was a blast.

  • Great photos, Jeanne! Looks like so much fun. I was sad to miss it! Hope to see you soon – it’s been too long!

  • Looks like such a fun party, and with dancing how fabulous! Love how brands our working directly with influencers in the industry to engage their customer base!

  • This event looks like it was so much fun- I could tell from all the tweets last night! :)  Also, I heard there was some cool nail art there- jealous! :D

  • Ashley Lovett

    How cute! And it looks like you had a blast. I’m loving your not-so-mellow yellow pants ;)

    Happy Friday!

  • Crystal @ Rue

    Thanks so much for this wonderful write-up, Jeanne! Your support means the world to us! 

  • You Cali gals always get to party it up together – lucky lucky! Also, I’m fairly convinced I NEED a smilebooth at my wedding.  

  • This looks like fun!  And I love that Rue is a new discovery for me. 

    I heart your shirt too.


  • awww! you took SUCH good pics from that night! i looked and only had like 2 photos – oops! so glad someone got some awesome snaps :) it’s been great running into you so much lately! looking forward to seeing you at the poshmark party on weds too!