Photobooth Opening Party


Photobooth SF Crowd

PhotoboothSF Camera

The amazing Tintype camera (which dates back to the Civil War era) was used by photographer Michael Shindler at the opening party of Photobooth.

Sonhos Snacks

PhotoboothSF Portraits

Photobooth Sign

Kristen from Stylenik and Jeanne

Me and Kristen from Stylenik

Photobooth Party

Photobooth Cameras

Photobooth portrait

My husband G getting his portrait taken.

Photobooth SF party

Tin Camera portrait Photobooth

Here’s me behind the camera getting my portrait taken (photo courtesy of Mission Local)

Tintype Portrait

And voila! My Tintype portrait captured on a 4×6 metal plate. Amazing, isn’t it?

I was a little nervous at first when I decided to take this portrait at the opening party… mainly because there were a whole bunch of people around me and watching me while I was getting my picture taken. Not to mention, I tend to look more angry (than sexy) when I’m not smiling. So as you can imagine how hard it was to keep a straight face!

I really wasn’t sure how my picture would come out…especially when this wasn’t a digital camera where you get to retake and retake and retake. I only had one chance, one snap, one second.  So while I waited 20 minutes for my portrait to develop, I was quite anxious and hoped I didn’t just poured $40 down the drain (yes, this was $40 a pop!) 

Well, to my surprise, this turned out to be one of the coolest portraits of myself! There was no Photoshop involved or “Instagram-ing” it. This was an instant handmade craftsmanship that was probably as real as it gets!

I had a whole lotta fun attending this event! The party was pretty packed throughout the night with cans of ice-cold beers, mixed cocktails and yummy Portuguese food catered by Lenga Lenga. I am so proud that we have Photobooth in our city and I wish them all my best on their grand opening. It’s really shops like these that make San Francisco so unique!

Photobooth 1193 Valencia Street, San Francisco, Mission

P.S. A special thanks to Joanna Riedl for this fun and awesome night! 

(All images by shop sweet things with jeanne otherwise noted)