Macy’s // Brunch At Four Seasons


Martha's Entertaining: 4 Year of CelebrationsMacy's Brunch: Shop Sweet Things, Apartment 34, Red Sole Diary, Britt and Whit, FashionistaLabMacy's Martha Stewart Event Brunch at Four Seasons Hotel San FranciscoBrunch at Four Seasons Hotel San FranciscoMacy's Martha Stewart Event with FashionistaLab, Britt and Whit, Apartment 34, Shop Sweet Things, Red Sole DiaryMartha Stewart Book Signing San FranciscoShop Sweet Things with Jeanne at Macy's Martha Stewart EventJennifer (Red Sole Diary), Mira (Beauty Bohemian), Britt and Whit (Britt and Whit) at Macy's Fashion Event San FranciscoPrepping for Martha Stewart's ShowJeanne (Shop Sweet Things) in Martha Stewarts' Macy's Kitchen

In case you were wondering what I was up to this weekend, I woke up at the crack of dawn on Saturday and got ready to see one of the most influential person in the entertaining business. Can you guess who? Yup, you guessed it, Martha Stewart!

I was very honored to have been invited to join Macy’s for a champagne brunch at the Four Seasons, followed by a press event to see Martha Stewart live with a cooking demo and to get our complimentary copy of her new book, Martha’s Entertaining, signed by the truly dearest!

The morning was a pure bliss! Not only was I in great company with Adelle from Fashionista Lab, Britt & Whit, Erin from Apartment 34, and Jennifer from Red Sole Diary, but I was surrounded with delightful platters of fresh food, yummy mimosas, and fresh pots of warm coffee. It was such an intimate way to spend the morning with these wonderful tastemakers and ladies who all I consider my friends.

After the breakfast we all went to The Cellar at Macy’s for the press event, and I’m pretty sure this is the part where we hit the jackpot. I know we all had reserved seats, but little did I know, we all had the middle of the front row seats kindly reserved for us – talk about seeing Martha up close and personal!

So why aren’t there any pictures of Martha here? Just you wait, I got a lot more pictures of the cooking demo to show you later today and a few things I learned from Martha!

Be back in a moment!

In the meantime, hop over to Refinery 29 to read all about Katie Zambrano’s interview on the “domestic diva’s” tech obsession, rap music and Mission Chinese Food. It’s a fantastic piece!

(Images via Shop Sweet Things and Red Sole Diary)