Industrie Denim Launch Party


O.M.G. Industrie Denim is amazing! This is a new retail concept store by Levi’s and the talented folks behind American Rag Cie, and it was pretty awesome to have attended their launch party last week. This bi-level space used to be an antique gallery that housed artwork, lighting and furniture, and now it has turned into the coolest denim shop in the city! Man, the Godfather of denim really worked their magic! 

I overheard from a guest that this place feels a lot like the “grown-up” version of Urban Outfitters. And guess what, I couldn’t agree more! I was really into Urban Outfitters back in my college days (geez, 10 years ago?), but that slowly drifted away as I got older and preferred to spend my dollars on quality and craftsmanship.

So now, I feel like this is the perfect replacement! I love the salvage decor and the ‘bring-it-back-to-the-heritage’ vibe. The merchandising and products are much more to my taste… umm, hello, vintage Chanel! They carry many premium brands like Current/Elliott, Comme Des Garcons, A.P.C., Rag & Bone, and of course, a good dose of Levi’s Vintage and Best of Red!

It ain’t a party unless I’m with my bloggy friends, cocktails, and (bourbon) cake-pops! Top left – Amber (Amber’s Notebook), Mira (The Beauty Bohemian), Lindsay (local publicist), Klassy (Refinery29 SF); Bottom right – Kim (J’adore Couture), Erin (Apartment 34), Joanna (local publicist) & friend, Klassy and Amber; Bottom left – Jenny (owner of Acrimony & ACRE/SF) and moi.

The party was packed with local bloggers, industry designers and professionals, not to mention the two of the three co-founders Mark Werts and Larry Russ. See the two gentlemen walking down the stairs? That’s them.

They even carry baby stuff! I see Jellycats…essential to every nursery in my opinion :)

I’m pretty sure I need that book!

Another standout feature at Industrie Denim is their “ASS CAM” in the dressing rooms. It’s a camera installed right behind your tushie so that when you’re trying on those sexy denims, you don’t need to crank your neck to see how it looks from the behind. It’s a pretty cool concept, though I don’t know if this shot (on the right) is the most flattering of my behind… but you get the idea (see what I do for my readers!)

Ending the fun night with another pic w/ Klassy, Mira, Yuan (co-founder of and guest.

I got deets from the store manager that Industrie Denim has the potential to open up 300+ more locations in the next 10 years.. I’d say that’s history in the making for the fashion/retail business! I’m so proud to say that San Francisco is among the first two cities to have this wonderful concept store. After all, we are the pioneer of denim!

INDUSTRIE DENIM 300 Grant Avenue, Suite 320, San Francisco, Downtown