I’m On FIDM Panel W/ Nick Verreos


I’m quite excited to tell you that on this Saturday, I’ll be speaking on a panel for FIDM on “Style, Trends & Blog Talk with…Nick Verreos!!!” Remember him from Project Runway -Season 2? You may also recognize him as a red carpet fashion expert as well as being on talk shows on TV Guide and E! Entertainment. Am I starstruck?  Well, let’s just say my stomach is curling a little. At least I’ll be in good company with Lorraine Sanders of SF Indie Fashion/Chronicle and Beth Spotswood of SFGate/CBS SF.

I was informed that the panel is now nearly sold out with 200+ attendees. There will be lots of talk on style and trends as well as blog talk on how to start a blog, maintaining it and monetizing it! This is really going to be a fun and informative event. If you happen to be a FIDM student in S.F., don’t forget to RSVP!