Gold At Project One Gallery


Last night I attended the 3 year anniversary party of Project One Gallery located in the Design District of San Francisco. Have you been to this space before? It’s a super hip and stylish type of “art gallery-cafe-lounge”…and according to some die-hard locals this is a space in which underground fashion scene and local artists in San Francisco are discovered!

I’ve heard of this gallery before but have never been. So I was excited to have attended the party as well as their new exhibition called “GOLD.” Since gold is a universal symbol of purity, wealth, and success, this exhibition served as a commemoration of achievements that Project One has gained since opening their doors in 2008. They also painted the whole gallery black to match the “gold” theme, which just made them *that much* cooler! I’m telling ya, between my obsession from the holiday collection to this awesomely hip exhibition, black and gold and sparkles are my go-to inspirations for this holiday season!

I took a few snaps in the gallery to share… but that picture with all the pretty girls in it (ahem!) , that was taken by Elliot –  a fantastic and brilliant local publicist who loops me in on all the deets about cool events like this! (Love you, Elliot!)

And in that pic (l-r) is a new friend I met via Elliot, the ever-so-chic & stylish Erin from Apartment 34, Gigi from Pearls of Caviar  – who also run her family winery DG wine and has impeccable taste in fashion – think couture vintage Versace, I’m not even exaggerating! And Chanda who is an amazing architect & designer and currently sits on the steering committee of the annual Dining By Design, and then there’s me :) Not a bad way to end a Thursday with such great company, right? :)

Happy Friday ya’ll and I’ll be back next week with a lot more to share!!!

Project One Gallery  251 Rhode Island St., San Francisco, Soma