My First Pair Of Red Sole


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After the same night I went to the Louboutin 20th Anniversary event at Neimans, I attended another shopping party in the city. It was a Decades pop-up event hosted by Gilt City and was held at the beautiful InterContinental Mark Hopkins in Nob Hill.

Have any of you been to Decades? I have not, but I know it’s a L.A. based vintage boutique that specializes in consigning vintage couture and modern pre-loved luxury clothing and accessories. So fab!

Anyway, I came to this event with the intention of “window shopping” only. There were a lot of oohs and aahs as Katie and I were playing a little dress up here. Like that chic Chanel jacket and darling purse – so hard to let it go! Well, maybe if I had 4k on me then I wouldn’t have to.

Then as we started going into the shoes section, a pair of suede colbalt blue pumps caught my eyes. Got a little closer and realized it’s a Louboutin! Turned the shoe around and it was a perfect size 6! Looked down at the price tag and it was $330!

Still, I hesitated.

Then my partner in crime, Katie, said I have to give it a try. So I did… and I knew the moment I had these shoes on they were not coming off my feet. It felt perfect, like it was meant to be. The style is simple, yet the cut is feminine. And I do like them that much more because it’s in the perfect cobalt blue. $330 was still an ouch on my wallet. But it was a bearable ouch, considering it’s a Louboutin.

And hence, that’s the story of my first pair of red sole! Feels like I just joined a club or something. Do you have a pair of red sole? Do you have a story behind it? I know this talented and successful lady who started her blog all because of her love for red soles! Not to say she has any impact on me or anything. :)  

By the way, guess who else we ran into that night? The Real Housewives! I actually don’t watch any of them, except the New York one. Bravo was also there filming their shopping adventure, and I guess it was kinda cool to see them in action. Anyways, if you spot a short Asian gal behind these scenes, that’s me. :)

(Images via Shop Sweet Things)