Daily Style Buzz // Madewell


Hey y’all! Just wanted to share a few quick pics today from a holiday party by Daily Buzz Style & Madewell last night celebrating fashion bloggers. Yes, I know, it’s so unlike me to share so little from an event. But you know why? They were extending 50% off on all the sale items!!! So cray cray, right?! If you shop at Madewell, you know that’s a HUGE discount!

Needless to say, my two hands were distracted by shopping. I picked up three wonderful pieces that would have easily cost me $350, but I got it all for 90 bucks! Was I a happy camper? You bet I was! :)  Thank you so much to Daily Buzz Style for a fun cocktail soiree. It was really great to meet the team!

Pictures:Top right – Two stylish gals in plaid, stripes and fur – Amber (Amber’s Notebook) & Krystal (This Time Tomorrow)

Bottom left, Chic pretty ladies left to right – Me, Lauren (L.A. in the Bay), Victoria (Vmac & Cheese), Natalie (Not Just Happenstance), Jesica (Ryzenberg On)

  • Love that we were inadvertent twins! So glad we finally met, especially since it was entirely unexpected!!

  • Love the pictures – thanks for sharing! It was so great to meet you!

  • lauren

    so much fun! :)

  • Igor Josifovic

    You’re always amidst the stylish crowd!! Fantastic!! Have a great week!!!

  • 50% off?!! AHHH! So sad I was too sick to make it to the event! Did you end up with lots of goodies?? 

    • I know, huge discount, right?! I bought three things… would have loved to buy more but gotta save up for xmas shopping for others :) 

  • fenny setiawan

    Few days did not visit your blog and I could see you have lotsa of fun with all those event and gathering. Love it.

  • clacfuna

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