Birthday Dinner :: Bar Tartine


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Happy Monday, everyone! Did you all have a nice weekend? Mine sure was since it was my birthday weekend. Yesterday, I officially turned 34 and George took me to Bar Tartine to celebrate. I’ve been a fan of Tartine Bakery for a long time (who isn’t, anyway?), but I have never managed to try their restaurant so it was just the perfect place to go. (I had no idea it was just right next to another one of our favorite restaurants in the city.) Since it was our first time there, we generally like to try as much as we can so we ordered quite a bit.

On the menu, we ordered: // Pickled Curried Green Beans // Roasted Zucchini and Okra with Sunflower Seed Dip, Olive, Tomato, Chili // Chicories with Creamy Anchovy Dressing, Rye Crembs and Kohlrabi // Grilled Beef Tongue with Eggplant, Purslane, Mint, Chili // Lamb Meatballs with Creamed Nettles, Roasted Tomato, Padron Pepper, Sesame Toast.

The portions were very generous. We also filled ourselves with their yummy Tartine bread and cocktails. I had a very delicious virgin strawberry soda, made with fresh strawberries, and ended the meal with a layered chocolate cake with hazelnut and apricot sauce. (Not the ombre cake I hoped for but layered was close enough.) I would say their food and flavors were very earthy, rustic, and robust, all filled with in-season hearty vegetables and meats. I think we probably ordered enough for 4 people, but believe it or not, we actually finished almost everything. Ok… I guess I was eating for two. :) :) :)

Have you been to Bar Tartine? How did you like it?

BAR TARTINE – 561 Valencia Street, San Francisco, Mission.