How To Wear This Season’s Top Trend: Thigh-Highs



One trend I’m definitely loving this fall/winter is the thigh-highs. I’m seeing this look more and more, and it’s totally growing on me. While I’m always down to try new trends, I also try to avoid looking too trendy, or overly done, if you know what I mean. So, I thought I would pass you a few tips of my own on how to wear a new trend without feeling silly.

Wear trends with classics.

It works for me every single time! For example, to pull off the thigh-highs with elegance, I grounded the look with a white oxford shirt, crepe shorts, and a bonded fleece parka from Lands’ End. Since I’m always out to events and meeting new people, I like to stay polished. But because I’m also constantly surrounded by creative and stylish people, I don’t want to appear too serious either. These classic pieces keep me looking professional, while adding the latest look like the thigh-highs keeps me on trend.


The key to wearing thigh-highs is balance. Go bigger and looser on top. 

I chose a jacket that is slightly longer and looser to pair with my look. A very long, tailored jacket would be really nice too, but I would save that for a dressier occasion. The trick here is to keep your tops loosely fitted to balance out the slim and tight fit of the thigh-highs.

I’m also loving my fleece parka! This one is just perfect to wear day in and day out and great for me to hop from one holiday event to the next.  The caramel and the contrast fleece lining is classic. I love that the jacket is casual but slightly defined; it’s comfortable yet still keeps me looking polished.


Try thigh-high socks.

If you’re not ready to invest in a pair of thigh-high boots, or you’re not sure if this trend is working for you, try thigh-high socks (also called over-the-knee socks). I paired mine with my black suede heels and it creates a very similar look.


Also, with the thigh-high socks, you’ll get instant comfort by simply switching to you favorite pair of flats. Honestly, I’m in my flats all day long and I think this trend puts a new look to wearing flats this season very well too. While in Tokyo few weeks ago, girls were wearing it with sneakers and it’s the coolest! I’m still trying to pull that off :) 


Go short. 

Again, the key here is balance. Since I’m already wearing a long coat and thigh-highs, I wore it with crepe shorts (not tight shorts) to balance the look. It’s slightly shorter than my normal shorts. And since I don’t have long legs, this also helps create an illusion that I kinda do. :)


So if you’re worried about looking silly wearing thigh-highs, try out some of my tips and see how that goes!

Wishing you happy holidays and a stylish season!

xo Jeanne


This post is kindly sponsored by Lands End, a place for quality classics and timeless styles. All opinions shared here are my own. Thanks so much for supporting my sponsor and letting me share my style tips with you.