House Hunting…



It must be my age or something because everyone around me is talking about buying a home. Though it surprises me because nothing in SF is affordable right now, especially for families (inserting crying emoji here!!!) 

Regardless, George and I recently dipped our toes into house hunting. We figured we have to start somewhere and get a feel of what we want and what we can afford.

We went to see about 5-6 houses this past weekend. By the end of it, it was no surprise that we were disappointed. I know it was only our first weekend looking at homes, but it’s just a little depressing to see the price you pay versus the space you get in the city. We’re talking about a million dollar home and we’re not even getting that much more space than my current apartment. The sad thing is, some of these are fixer-uppers and they still need renovations. Or, they need to be re-renovated because of the tacky decor/cheap appliances that the sellers think would upgrade the house (oh please!)

Anyway, I’m not looking for a home that’s completely renovated or move-in ready. Though I did see one that I like and the opening bid is close to $3 million, hah! George always says I have expensive taste. :)

What I’m looking for, however, is a home with good bone structure, character, and a nice floor plan. Even better if the exterior is charming and that the interiors is flooded with lots of natural lighting. Neighborhood/location is important to us since we are a young family and most of our lives and daily routines are rooted in S.F.. I’m actually down with getting a fixer-upper because I rather start from scratch and design a home just the way I like it. But with an average bid of a million dollar, this leaves us with almost no budget for renovations, and that is just plain sad. :(


Anyway, I’m trying to stay optimistic that our dream home is somewhere out there! :) Ok, I know I need to be realistic too. 

I’m such a newbie at house hunting. If you’re a homeowner or also buying a home, I’d love to know if you have any advice on what I should look out for when I’m purchasing a home. Like what questions should I ask the agent or the homeowner? Any specific things I should pay attention to… like the foundation, electrical, plumbing? What did you give up on on your wish list? Or did you find a home with everything you wanted? What did you compromise or made your purchasing decision? Any advice or experiences you had would be greatly appreciated!

By the way, you know my taste the best. If you know of any good listings in S.F., give me a holla! 3/4 bedrooms, 2/2.5 baths. Ok, thanks, bye. :)

xo Jeanne


Photos via an open home we saw in Noe Valley, SF this past weekend.