Summertime Fun #3 | Food Craft with Kids (1 Pretzel Stick, 3 Ways)



The biggest challenge for me this summer is not fighting the heat, but rather it’s keeping my daughters’ hands busy! Especially with my 4 years-old, Hayden, every minute she’s asking “mommy, what should we do now?”

Since Snyder’s Of Hanover has provided me with lots of pretzels, I thought maybe we can try food craft? That’s something completely new to me, and I have always admired people who can make their food look really cute. I decided to look up 3 simple recipes founded on Snyder’s Of Hanover’s Pinterest, using only their Preztel Sticks, and got crafty with my kids.

Not bad at all for our first attempt, don’t you think? I felt like a super mom! :)



Hayden doing her happy dance!


Synder’s Of Hanover Traditional Pretzels come in many shapes from rods to snaps to sticks. The flavors are mild and great for assembling little bites. The grilled cheese snaps I made for the shadow puppet show party were a hit!

_MG_7988 _MG_8030



Hayden may have eaten more pretzels than she crafted. :)


Fine tuning her cutting skills.


I think we’re pretty proud of our results…


Bunny face: crackers, cream cheese, radish, carrots, and preztel sticks.


Bacon & eggs: white chocolate chips, M&M’s, and pretzel sticks.


Caterpillar: banana, strawberries, pretzel sticks.


Apron set found here.

I’m so glad this activity kept my girls happy for a good afternoon. Not only did it keep their little hands busy, but also their little mouths too. Sure was a fun way to open up their imagination with food!

Hope you’re having a great summer! xo Jeanne 

This post is kindly sponsored by Snyder’s of Hanover – America’s favorite pretzel bakery since 1909. All opinions shared here are my own. Be sure to visit the Snyder’s of Hanover Facebook page to participate in the ‘America’s Summertime Favorite Sweepstakes’ and be entered to win $10,000 towards your family vacation.Thank you so much for supporting my sponsor and letting me share my summer with you!