The Ultimate Spring Sandwich!


boiled eggs seared asparagus picked sandwich

boiled eggs seared asparagus picked sandwich

seared asparagus

boiled eggs seared asparagus picked sandwich

I go through phases where sometimes I’m really into meat, and sometimes I just wonder to myself… why didn’t I become a vegetarian??!  Well, this week is definitely one of those weeks where I feel like I can certainly do without the meat. Maybe the come back of the whole mad cow disease in California is really freaking me out. And to be safe than sorry, I think it’s a better choice to avoid it for now, don’t you think? Not to freak you out or anything!

Well, I stumbled upon this ultimate meatless spring sandwich that looks quite delicious and interesting. Interesting I say because I never had asparagus in my sandwich. I can only imagine the crunch you get when you bite into that sammy. And really, can any recipe go wrong with those perfectly cooked eggs and tangy onions dressed with lemon, French mustard and fresh dill?! This will make one of the best lunches at home!

(Images & recipe via The Kitchn)


  • Fenny Setiawan

    I love this recipe Jeanne. I am a fans of eggs, hard boiled, soft boiled, scramble… love them all :)