Spiced Chicken Burger With Mint Greek Yogurt


spiced chicken burger with mint greek yogurt

After a few weeks of posting desserts and light salads, this week I’m feeling a bit more hearty. So, how about going Greek today with this Spiced Chicken Burger with Mint Greek Yogurt? I love substituting Greek yogurt for my sour cream in my tacos, so this recipe naturally came appealing to me. I’m excited to mix in some fresh mint to give it a little twist… mmmm, I can already imagine how delish this combo will taste… creamy yogurt and spiced chicken patty… I think I’m ready for lunch!

dinner plate   dinner napkins

And yes, how shameful would it be to make good food and not serve it on pretty dinnerware? I would love to enjoy my share on this scalloped dinner plate and adorable dinner napkins. It makes instagram-ing your food more interesting, no? :)

(Top image and recipe via Aapplemint)