The Slanted Door Inspired Vietnamese Clay Pot Chicken


the slanted door inspired vietnamese claypot chicken

When it comes to the colder weather, one of my favorite Asian dishes is ordering a good ole’ clay pot. I love the hot sizzle and steam coming out of it, and since the dishes are usually braised the flavors are pretty soaked and intense. I’ve never attempted to make one at home. Actually, never even crossed my mind until I saw this Vietnamese Clay Pot Chicken recipe inspired by chef Charles Phan of The Slanted Door. It’s cold out and I’m craving my Asian flavors – so I think this would be a great dish to try. I’m pretty sure my hubby George would be on board with me on this one!

I hope you all get to do some cooking and relaxing this weekend, cause before you know it, we’re all gonna get caught in the holiday craze! Can you believe Thanksgiving is in 13 days?! 

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Have a happy weekend and stay warm, everyone! Xx Jeanne

Images and recipe via Appetite For China. Layout & photo edits by Shop Sweet Things.