Sake Champaign Mojito


sake champagne mojito 1

sake champagne mojito 2

sake champagne mojito 3

I’m sure by now, you’ve already thought of what you’re going to do on Memorial Day. Whether you’re going to host a fun b.b.q., the perfect outdoor picnic, or just an intimate indoor gathering, I always think it’s fun to kick it up a notch with a signature cocktail to get the party started. Well, if you haven’t come up with one yet, may I suggest you this oh-so-delish sake champagne mojito?

I am quite tempted to try this myself and am curious to see how the basil and lime balance out the sake and the bubbly I love so much! I’m also not one who’s into the overly sweet syrupy drinks so I think this cocktail would be kinda perfect. And honestly, if you were to serve this to me at your party, you’ll probably make a quite impressive hostess in my book!

Cheers guys and happy Thursday!

(Images and recipe via Joylicious)