Hey Peaches, Which One of These Do You Wanna Try?


joythebaker_peach_tomatoe_mozzarella_crostini mare-peach-prosciutto-ricotta-v   thumb_Ontario-Peach-Breakfast-Crostini-sm

Do you like peaches as much as I do? The season for them is in full swing right now. They’re so sweet, riped, and juicy, it’s simply delicious! I seriously cannot resist buying them at my farmer’s market. However, I’ve only been eating them as a fruit, not so much in a recipe. And coming across these easy-to-make ones just gave me the perfect idea of what to try this weekend. Which one of these recipes would you want to try? If you ask me, I might just have to make a little “peach trio platter”. Yea, I’m pretty indecisive when it comes to food. :) 

Top // Peach Tomato and Mozzarella Crostini

Left // Peach + Prosciutto Crostini

Right // Peach Breakfast Crostini

Have a happy weekend, Peaches! xo

(Images via Joy the Baker, Bon appetit, Ontario Tender Fruit)

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