Oh-So-Delish! Quinoa Patties


Is it Thursday already? Wow, time goes by fast when you’re having fun! Or at least when you’re launching a new column each day on your blog anyway. :)

Now, need I say more about my new Thursday column, ”Oh-So-Delish” ? I think the name  pretty much revealed that this day is all about food. And yes, I must say, this is a bit of a selfish column for me because I’m trying to cook more. I got into the habit of ordering in and dining out so much that it’s about time that I try to make some decent meals at home. However, that’s not to say I won’t be dining out anymore, you will still see me spotlighting some of my favorite eats in S.F. (like my favorite burger joint, my favorite osteria, and my favorite place to grab lunch with friends) But mostly, I’d like to use this space to share recipes that are accessible and simple to make. Recipes that doesn’t take a kitchen stadium or a fancy KitchenAid to make  because I have neither!

So today, I’m sharing with you this quinoa patties recipe. Not just any quinoa patties, but ones that are infused with garlic, thyme, chives, onion, paprika, and cheese!Talk about herb heaven, right?  Being that quinoa is a super natural food (packs with lots of protein!)  and that my husband loves it (surprisingly), I think these patties will make the perfect Super Bowl snack for this Sunday, won’t you say?

(Source & images via Cook Republic)

  • Yum! I have a huge bag of quinoa at home and was brainstorming what to do with it (I’m over salads). This looks delicious. I bet it’d be tasty with a little sri racha in that ketchup too!

  • Fenny Setiawan

    Lovely Jeanne, I love to see easy recipes, because lately I love to host small gathering at my home :)

  • Love how you laid out the recipe. Totally pinning it! I’m going to have to try this I just started making quinoa and was surprised I like it! I didn’t think I would.