Izakaya Yuzuki


izakaya yuzuki entrance

izakaya yuzuki

izakaya yuzuki dungeness crab salad

Sunomono // dungeness crab, fresh wakame seaweed salad with tosa vinaigrette

izakaya yuzuki beer

izakaya yuzuki housemade tofu

Zaru Tofu // house-made fresh tofu with sea salt

izakaya yuzuki shop sweet things

izakaya yuzuki smelt tempera green tea salt

Kakiage // Smelt and vegetable tempura with green tea salt

izakaya yuzuki grilled squid

Yaki Surume Ika // “Salt Koji” marinated Hokkaido squid with yuzu mayonnaise

izakaya yuzuki beers

Delicious sweet potato beer and a very robust IPA you must try (according to George.)

izakaya yuzuki chicken wings

Teba // chicken wing

izakaya yuzuki chicken scallions chicken sausage

Negima & Tsukune //  chicken with scallion,  chicken meat ball

izakaya yuzuki miso eggplant buns

One of their specials for the night, miso eggplant and smelt in bun. They even made a baby one for Hayden, so cute!

izakaya yuzuki red bean curd chestnut

We opted for something more traditional for dessert. Yokan // house made azuki bean curd with chestnut. 

Hello there, how was your weekend? Mine was filled with lots of fun in the city with Hayden and George – of course, that involved lots of eating, strolling, playing and shopping! :)  Last night, we ended our weekend at Izakaya Yuzuki for dinner. It was actually my first time there and thought it was really delicious. Everything were prepped delicately and tasted super fresh. And their service was so warm, attentive and friendly. I can’t say there’s a lot of good Izakaya in the city so this one has now became a top on my list. The only thing I didn’t get to try much were their exotic dishes like kobe beef tataki and chawan-mushi with uni. Since they use the freshest ingredients and  source organically and locally, they always have specialty items that are often not on their regular menu too. So for sure, I’ll be back for those dishes once I’m done with this pregnancy thing. :) Have you been there, my SF friends? How did you like it?

Izakaya Yuzuki 598 Guerrero Street, SF, Mission.

Images via Shop Sweet Things.