Rasberry Beer Cocktail + It’s IWD



Did you know that today is IWD? What’s IWD? Well, it stands for International Women’s Day, and until recently, when I started looking closely at my calendar that I realized such a day exists! Where have I been?  

This day lands on March 8th every year, and it’s a global celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women. But more importantly, our economic, political and social achievements.

While I studied business marketing back in college, I did take women’s studies as my elective. It was, by far, one of my favorite classes! I loved learning how social behaviors developed toward the two genders, women’s cultural beliefs in different countries, and women’s history of struggles for independence and achievements, which got us to where we are today. I mean, isn’t this all a good reason to celebrate?!

I am also feeling very fortunate today to be living in San Francisco. A place where we can truly call a melting pot of women who comes from all different races and backgrounds. I don’t know if such diversity exists in other parts of the world, but living in S.F. the past 25 years has definitely taught me to respect and learn from these women everyday.

So today, I thought we should all celebrate by making this delicious Raspberry Beer Cocktail, what do you say? Cheers to International Women’s Day and to being the beautiful woman that you are!

Get the recipe here!

(Recipe & Image via My Cup of Mai)