Fresh Green Apple Salad


fresh green apple salad



Man, this week really took a toll on me. I came down with a fever.

And that’s not all, Hayden got sick and George got sick. We’re not really sure who got who sick, but yea, it’s kinda gross. What can you do? When one person gets sick in the house, the whole family gets sick! And taking care of a needy toddler while you’re sick is like the hardest job in the world! Thank god our little Hadley didn’t get the bug. It would be heart-breaking if our newborn gets a fever too (knocking on wood as we speak!)

Anyway, I’m finally getting my appetite back. I’m just looking for something clean and refreshing, like maybe a fresh green apple salad?! A mix of crunchy greens and radishes, lime juice and olive oil, blue cheese, pistachio and sprouts… mmmm… this is probably just what I needed to get me going again. As the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Have a nice weekend, all! Hope to be back next week with a more energetic self.

Photos and recipe via La Casa Sin Tiempo

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