DIY Frozen Yogurt Pops



Today’s recipe on Oh-So-Delish is quite genius and requires as little as a stick. Get ready to stock up on those mini-size yogurts, pop in a stick, freeze them and treat yourself to some nice cold (healthy) froyo pops throughout this summer! I already want to hit the grocery store and try this one out as soon as possible. Pretty sure little Hayden and I will be fighting over for a pop!

(Image and source via The Kitchn)


  • Fantastic! I will DEFINITELY be doing this. Thanks Jeanne!

  • LauraChallis

    Buying yogurt right now just for this. It’s so warm in San Diego, this’ll be perfect!

  • One word GENIUS

  • this is a genius idea!!! 

  • I will definitely try this tommorow…I’m heading to the grocery store to buy some Greek yogurt!

  • Fenny

    This is so easy to make, and I love frozen yoghurt, I am gonna make it for my self…

  • I’ve been on the hunt for more yogurt recipes! My favorite summer breakfast choice. :)