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One thing I enjoy working from home is that I get to sneak out during the mid-day and visit new shops and restaurants. I love to leisurely enjoy my visits and not having to fight through the crowds on the weekends (especially for parking!). Just earlier this week, I went to check out this new contemporary pâtisserie in the Mission, Craftsman & Wolves. This place has only been opened for a three short months and already it’s been getting a lot of buzz. Some compares it to the good ole’ Tartine – Hmmm, I’ll let you be the judge of that. :) 

I do love the space. It’s modern and clean and everything looks very neat to me – which is something I gravitate towards to. And while this is a pâtisserie, they do have a small selection of sandwiches and savory goods.

I ordered a slow cooked brisket with balsamic and root vegetable slaw on tomato bread for lunchThe meat was indeed very soft and the flavor was nicely balanced with a tangy balsamic – very delicious! For dessert, I had the caramel chocolate pearl travel cake. It felt a little more bread-y to me but it was still very moist and lots of the caramel flavor and chocolate bits came through, which made it a nice way to end my meal. And being the shopper that I am, I couldn’t leave without getting something to go. So I picked up a jar of their Matcha Milk Jam to try. Sounds interesting, right? I haven’t opened it yet but the cashier told me that it would go really well over vanilla ice-cream….mmmmm, I was sold. 

I’m so excited that we have another cool spot in the city to hang out. I think this is a neat place to catch up with friends over some delectable desserts and coffee. What do you think? Wanna meet me there next time?

CRAFTSMAN & WOLVES 746 Valencia Street (at 18th Street), S.F, Mission.

(Images via Shop Sweet Things)