Coconut Cloud Cake


coconut cloud cake martha stewart receipe

Hey y’all, how’s your week going? I can’t believe we’re going towards the weekend already, and I still probably have more than half of the things I want to get done on my to-do list! Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with my list that all I want to do is drop everything. Do you feel that way?

Anyways, as you can tell, I can sure use a little pick me up. And seeing this slice of heaven this morning kind of made my day… seriously, who can resist this light and fluffy coconut cloud cake?!

(Image & Recipe via Martha Stewart)

  • I totally feel that way sometimes. That’s why I try to segment my lists so there’s less to attack at a time and it feels like more of an accomplishment when I get through a section. Happy Thursday!
    Now if only I could just reach in and grab a bite of that amazing looking cake…

  • This cake looks amazing! So white and perfect and sweet and comforting…

  • Vbparker

    Where do you get the wide coconut?

  • Dancehillfarm

    where do I find the recipe?

    • Hi, you can click on the link where it says “coconut cloud cake” on the post. It will take you to the recipe. enjoy!

      • Daipadula

        i clicked on the link and it sent me to a shoe site

  • kitkat

    lots of dead links on your blog.. might want to fix these!

  • Kyla

    The hyperlink is dead but here’s the original from Martha Stewart: