Chocolate Strawberry Pancakes


I’m on day 2 with my cleanse, and blogging about this right now is kind of killing me. But it’s alright, at least my juice cleanse is delicious enough to get me through.

However, I’m pretty ready to reward myself with a little treat afterwards. Like this good lookin’ stack of Chocolate Chip Strawberry Pancakes, oh my! I spied it yesterday on Lisa’s amazing healthy food blog, With Style and Grace, and I mean, doesn’t it look ‘oh-so-delish’? Chocolate pancakes? I would’ve never thought of that!

And while we’re talking about Lisa, can I just brag a little about how I’m lucky enough to know this talented lady in person? She is the cutest, warmest, and sweetest gal around. And really, I don’t know how she does it, but somehow she makes the most delicious, gluten-free food on the planet! Even for a super pro-gluten person like me, there are plenty of simple recipes on her blog that I would just whip up any day. After all, she is the go-to gluten-free entertainer. And trust me, I have tasted her food before and it’s di-vine!

Ok, I need to stop torturing myself with all the food talk now. But I assure you, these yummy pancakes will be making an appearance on my kitchen table very soon! Check it out here for the full recipe!

(Recipe and images via With Style & Grace

  • this sounds delish & looks delish!! will have to try this out on one of the weekends ;)

  • Oh my! I didn’t partake in any pancakes on pancake day earlier this week and I’m going to have to make up for that this weekend. These would do just fine.

  • Ashley Lovett

    Jeanne, you have got to stop with all these yummy breakfast foods! Summer is coming up soon, you know, and some of us can’t take the temptation :)

  • Yum, these are gluten free! I need to pop over to her blog!

  • I saw that you mentioned your cleanse on Twitter. You go! One of my NY resolutions was to try a cleanse. I hope you will share your results/thoughts once you’re done.
    Back to those pancakes! Do you ever do breakfast for dinner? I’m thinking that stack of chocolate pancakes needs to make the dinner table. Wonder if there is a gluten-free chicken sausage on the market. Bet I can head to Lisa’s blog to find out. Thanks for sharing, Jeanne.

  • So curious to hear about how your cleanse is going! I have been very tempted to try out Can Can for a while!! Have a great weekend, Jeanne!

  • Anya Kucheryavenko

    These look delicious Jeanne. Will have to try them out once I finish the remodel of my kitchen. Have you seen Fat, Sick, Nearly Dead? It’s a documentary about this Australian who goes on a 60 day juice cleanse. Intense, right? It was sooo informative and interesting. Since then, my guy and I bought a juicer and supplement our meals once or twice a day. Juicing apparently is so so good for your health. It has been great but I am yet to get myself to do a straight out cleanse lol.