Bun Mee {vietnamese sandwich eatery}


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Did anyone watch The Great Food Truck Race-Season 1 on Food Network? Did you think the Nom Nom Truck who did the vietnamese sandwich totally kicked ass?! Since then I’ve been hoping to try a fancy banh mi (vietnamese sandwich), and this weekend I finally got my fix at the recently opened Bun Mee on Fillmore!

Bun Mee StickerBun Mee Sandwich Banh Mi

It was my first time there, so I had to try their signature “Sloppy Bun” – which is their modern take on the classic American Sloppy Joe. It was a combination of red curry ground beef, garlic ailoli, onions, thai basil and jalapenos. To top it off, I added a fried egg!

I thought the sandwich was pretty good. The bun was crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside so it was very easy to bite. I usually like my food on the spicier side so I wished my curry had a bit of more punch, but there was a side of Sriracha so that made it all better :) My husband G here got the “Bun Mee Combo” which had roast pork, pate de campagne, mortadella along with the usual garnishes that goes inside a vietnamese sandwich.

Bun Mee San Francisco DecorBun Mee Interior

Banh mi has always been the kind of food that you can only get in Chinatown or the Tenderloin, so it’s kinda cool to see it being represented in an urban eatery joint. Though I will always have a place in my heart for that banh mi from “Little Paris” in c-town, I think Bun Mee is doing a fantastic job in bringing “banh mi inspired” sandwiches to the urban scene. I am hoping to try their “house-made strawberry lychee aqua” next time I go back! :)