Crispy Baked Apple Pie Egg Rolls




Yes, we finally made it again and a week closer to Christmas! Hopefully next week will be a breeze and then we all get to enjoy the holidays together.

Next week my kitchen table will probably turn into a wrapping central. I just finished all my Christmas shopping online yesterday so I can’t wait for my UPS guy to bring me all my packages. Though to tell you the truth, I’m horrible at wrapping… if I can pay someone to do it, I would. Thank goodness George is pretty good at it. :) To make wrapping less dreading (for me at least), I thought it would be fun to bring some treats to the table. Maybe I can make these baked apple pie spring rolls while George wraps the presents? Not a bad idea at all, right?

i heart luxe

On a separate note, if you’re online much this weekend, I’ll be featured in one of my favorite newsletters, I Heart Luxe. I’m really excited about it! I’ve been subscribing and am a huge fan to this newsletter for quite some time now and every Sunday I discover unique products and recommendations. From fashion, to home, to recipes, to travel, this luxe newsletter is my eye-candy for the weekends. It’s really cool for people who have great taste. And since you’re already on my blog, that means you. :) Be sure to sign-up this newsletter today and discover some luxe together!

And one last reminder, my virtual baby shower is going on for another week. There are some great stuff you can win too. All you need to do is repin! I would really love to see one of you win some of the cute stuff in there. Good luck, stay warm, drink some hot cocoa, and have a great weekend!

Top images and recipe via Spoon Fork Bacon.