3 Ways To Decorate Your Thanksgiving Tabletop In Seconds!


3 Ways to Decorate with Sage 2 3 Simple Ways To Decorate With Sage 3 3 Simple Ways to Decorate with Sage 4

Uh-oh, have you thought about how to decorate your Thanksgiving tabletop yet? If you’re scrambling for last minute ideas (like me!), I have this one here you can literally do in seconds. All you need is one ingredient – sage! Pretty neat right? I especially love the one tying to the candles. I love that you can just pick up sage at the supermarket while shopping for the rest of your Thanksgiving meal. It’s just a simple touch but can add so much style and grace to the table.

Now, the question for me is, what’s a good side dish to make? Do you have any suggestions? I’m looking for recipes!

Happy Tuesday! xo Jeanne

Original images and DIY via Lemon Tree Dwelling