DIY Painted Bead Necklaces (kid-friendly version)



Hey, friends! Glad to have you back today!

My friend, Samantha of The Hip Kid, is introducing us to another rad DIY! I told Samantha that Hayden’s been really into making jewelry, so she brought her adorable son, Taye, over on a weekend to make DIY painted bead necklaces together. Such a fun idea!

I know there are similar DIYs out there, but you haven’t seen the best one yet until you’ve seen ours, haha. But seriously, I love the way how the kids’ necklaces turned out! The marble-esque look and unexpected mix of colors made it really special. I think my favorite part was watching the kids doing the project, they were so into it and were so proud to wear it afterwards!


Check out Samantha’s tutorial and some fun outtakes at the bottom, Taye and Hayden made such a fun pair!

Materials and Supplies:


+ About 40 wooden beads in different geometric shapes, size 20mm x 24mm. (We choose polyhedron and round. And I bought ours from Fizzypops on Etsy)

+ 8 different colors of acrylic all surface paint. 2 oz bottles should be plenty.

+ 6 yards of 1.5mm leather cords in the color of your choice

+ Small paintbrushes flat and round

+ Paper straws cut into 1-inch pieces

+ 2 paint trays

+ Cup with water

Extra for fun:

+ Star confetti

+ Sequins


Step 1: Organize all your materials. Separate your beads in little bowls and pour your paint onto your trays. Lay out all other supplies and create mini stations for each person.


Step 2: Pick a bead and start painting. The choices are unlimited. I chose to do single colors, tri-colors and polka dots. The kids used multiple colors on one bead, which created a marble effect. It was very cool.

_MG_7862 diy-20

Step 3: Once you finish painting all your beads set them aside to dry. It takes about 10-15 minutes.



Step 4: Once it’s dry measure the leather cord for desired length and start string the beads along. We also mixed in the paper straw pieces for a more eclectic look. I like to have the kids lay the beads out in the order they like before actually stringing.


Step 5: There are two ways to finish it. 1.) you could just simply tie a single knot at the top of the necklace. This will only allow one length. 2.) Adjustable sliding knot. Grab one end of the cord and loop it around the other cord about 3 inches down from the top making a knot. You can double knot for extra sturdiness. Then take the lose end and loop it around the other cord on the opposite end making a knot.

DIY 12

Step 6: Put them on and enjoy your cute new necklace!



The outtakes!

_MG_7938 _MG_7936 _MG_7947

Have a happy weekend, everyone! Hope you give this a try with your hip kid too!

Thanks so much, Samantha!!

xo Jeanne