DIY Color Block + Ombre Donuts + This Saturday



Wanna get in on a little secret? I have a thing for powered donuts ~ haha, any chance we share the same secret?! They are my guilty pleasure and also kind of nostalgic. They bring me back to the days when I get them after school at the corner stores. You remember those days? Those Hostess donuts cost literally less than a dollar! The funny thing is, after almost 20 years, I still find them for .75 cents!


Needless to say, when I saw this DIY tutorial on color-blocking and ombre-ing the powered donut, I thought it was pretty neat! I love the idea of using edible spray (had no idea these things existed!) and applying a simple technique to take these donuts to the next level. Yummo!


And, I mean, how sweet and thoughtful is this “thank-you” gift?!

Check out Paper & Stitch for full tutorial and where to get these thank-you labels made!

On a separate note, I’m headed off to LA again tomorrow for an exclusive event with Target in a private home of Beverly Hills! If you want to get behind-the-scenes with me on what Target has up their sleeves, remember to follow me on Instagram @shopsweetthings!

See you in sunny LA and have a happy weekend, everyone! xo Jeanne