Daily Sweet Picks: August 6, 2012


clare vivier messenger bag
bottle grinder green
g star denim eton chukka boots
benefit porefessional
thief bandit hotpink bandana

  • Loving the re-design and that pink messenger bag. I’ve been needing one like that, I’ll have to check it out and see if it has a zipper. I’m obsessed with having to have a zipper I think it comes from my mom’s incessant fear of someone sticking their hand in your purse while you’re walking down a busy street. 

    Also, how do you like the pore professional? Does it do a good job at keeping skin less oily too? 

    • Thanks Bettina! 

      That messenger bag has a zipper! It’s really the most perfect size bag too. And the design is so chic! Yes, and I do love the porefessional! Can’t say if it helps with the oiliness but really does a great job covering those pores making the skin look really smooth. :) xo 

      • Oh good to know there is a zipper!

  • Kristen

    As always super cute!