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The other day, I was cleaning out Hayden and Hadley’s closet. I realized I still have a big stash of their swaddling and baby blankets. They don’t use it anymore, of course, because they’re big girls now. So these blankets were just sitting in their closet. I guess I’m just like any other mom who are holding on to every last bit of their kids’ baby years, so it’s been hard to let go anything that reminded me of them being a baby. But there comes a time when we just need to move on and make room for new things.

I’ve became very mindful of the things I buy for them (and for myself) these days. Especially things that we would be using long term. I really try to pay attention to design, quality and material. Since I just got rid of a bunch of their baby blankets (kept a few for keepsake), I want to get them new blankets that would last for years to come.

I came across CAM CAM recently, a Denmark company, and was instantly drawn by the soft colors and beautiful quilt design that is inspired by Japanese patterns combined with Scandinavian minimalism. All of their products, ranges from bedding in baby, junior and adult sizes, are produced with 100% eco-friendly quality and free of toxins. What I love most is that their design and aesthetic is appealing to both children and adults. I’ve definitely got my eyes for their quilt blankets and the swan bedding set for my girls.

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The only thing I would keep in mind is that, since this is a Denmark company, it’s probably safe to double check with them on the bedding sizes for the bed sets; it may differ from the U.S. standard sizes. xo – Jeanne

Images via CAM CAM