MK/BITA Valentine Gift Basket



February is going to be a big celebration month for me. I’ll be celebrating Chinese New Year, my mom’s birthday, and hello, Valentine’s Day! I have a feeling this month is going to pass right by before it even gets started. But it’s all good, I’m really excited. There’s gonna be a lot of lurve in the air, haha.

These days, I’m much more about finding practical and beautifully designed gifts that I can easily buy, while not looking like I didn’t put any thoughts into it, you know what I mean? Blooms In The Air (BITA) is that type of gift that’s up my alley. They make these beautiful handmade paper flowers you can keep all year round. And for special holidays, they pair up with Matchbox Kitchen, a baking company focuses on sustainable and organic practices and makes incredibly delicious confections!

For this Valentine’s Day, MK/BITA is putting together a gift basket that will come with a beautiful, handmade peony flower in two colors, delicious rosewater or chili chocolate shortbread cookies, and a handwritten note to the recipient from the sender that BITA will help you fill out. It’s personal and beautiful all at the same time!

The last day to order is February 8, which is just right around the corner. If you’re looking for an unique gift that’s effortless on your part and that would make the recipient feel special, I’d would put in your order now. They sell out fast!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! xo Jeanne



 Images via Blooms In The Air