Blood Orange & Coconut Marshmallows


blood orange and coconut marshmallows

Hi friends, happy Monday!

Sorry I was a little out of it here on my blog last week. Hadley, my younger one, had an accident from bumping herself and got a deep cut on her forehead last Thursday night. George and I had to rush her to the ER for stitches, and I spent the next few days staying with Hadley. She’s fine now, but of course, it was scary and I had to drop everything to take care of her… the sacrifice of being a parent. This certainly threw off my schedule but hopefully I can get things back on track this week.

Anyways, on a totally separate note, I recently tried a batch of blood orange & coconut marshmallows from Craftsman & Wolves in SF, it was so amazing and delicious! Gourmet marshmallows are really somethin’, aren’t they?! I came across a very similar recipe from Bon Appétit, it looks just like the ones I had at CW. I’ve heard from a few friends that marshmallows are actually very easy to make, so maybe this would be something new to try?

Wishing you a great week ahead (and hopefully no more ER visits for me!)

xo Jeanne