I’m About To Have A Makeover!



Hi friends, guess what? There’s a new retailer in town and they are entering the world of “beauty”.  Who is it? Well, that, I cannot reveal yet.

However, I’ve partnered with them on a fun campaign, and all I can say is that they are offering premium brands that will make you excited for colors! The palettes are the newest and boldest, and I for one cannot wait to give it a try! I’ve already picked my color for a mini makeover – eeeks! – which I will actually be sharing with you in 2 weeks.


In the meantime, I can share a little bit of the beauty palette that inspired me. I’m certainly one who is drawn to feminine hues like pink, peach and bright red. When I saw the colors like “Cheeky Pink”, “Tango Red”, “Sitting Pretty”, “Pure Pink”, “Tres Francais”, “Simply Elegant”, these colors really resonate with me, and I know they will make me feel beautiful, inside and out. Not only do these colors speak to my personality, but they also bring out the confidence in me.


As I mentioned, I will be sharing my makeover and revealing to you who this new retailer is. Trust me, this will surprise you! Be sure to come back in 2 weeks as I’d love to see what you think of the color I picked, and my makeover, of course. :)

xo Jeanne

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