DIY Fall Patterned Napkins



Hey, hey! It’s time for another fun DIY. This time, I’m collaborating with Christine Trac, a talented jewelry maker, for a really cool fall project. Christine will also be the new DIY contributor here! I’m so happy and grateful to have her on my blog to share her passion for everything creative and handmade here. Welcome Christine!!!

Since fall is here and it’s the start of the holiday entertaining season, we decided to make some festive, fall-ish dinner napkins. She came up with the idea of using cookie cutters to make potato stamps and create patterned napkins. I thought that was a such a brilliant idea! The last time I used potato stamps, I made these happy dots wall art (which till this day, it’s still up in my living room!). But I love the fact that she’s putting a twist to it by adding fun shapes. We totally designed the napkins on the spot and it came out even better than I thought! It’s very easy to do and super cute. Check it out!


Supplies: White cloth napkins | Mini cookie cutters | Fabric paints | Potatoes | Paring knife | Cutting BoardPaint brushes

diyfallnapkins3 diyfallnapkins4

Instructions: Making the potato stamp

1. Cut the potato in half.

2. Take one half of the potato and press the cookie cutter about ½ inch into the cut end. Pull out the cookie cutter.

3. Take the knife and cut into the potato about 1/3 inch down to the cut shape left from the cookie cutter. Tip: create small sections to remove one at a time. Make cuts from above that go from the cookie-cutter shape to the edge, do this until you divide the area around the shape into many small section. Then cut into the potato 1/3 inch down its length to remove one section at a time.

4. Repeat the process for however many stamps you want to create. We made 4 different shapes but made two stamps of each – one for light colors, one for dark colors – to avoid messy color transfers.


Stamping the napkins

  1. Take a brush to apply paint to the stamp. Test out colors and application techniques by practicing on a scrap piece of fabric or “extra” napkin.


2. Once you are ready with colors and your technique, lay your cloth napkin out flat and start printing. Feel free to print in an orderly layout or apply randomly. Personally, I think orderly looks best and mix in another color and shape to shake things up.


3. Lay flat to dry and then enjoy!




Hope you enjoy our fall DIY! xo Jeanne and Christine

Side tip from Jeanne: You can freeze the potato stamps and use it another time. I plan to use mine to make cards with Hayden!

Christine Trac - Shop Sweet Things Contributor