DIY Modern Floor Mat



I’m a big fan on making something old – new again. So when my friend Samantha of The Hip Kid came up with the brilliant idea on how to revive an old floor mat, I was on it!

This one is super easy, and it requires really just three things – your floor mat, spray paint, and ScotchBlue™ Painter’s TapeFor this tutorial, you can use an old floor mat (make sure it’s in a neutral color), or get an inexpensive one which you can easily find in places like The Home Depot. Choose colors and make lines that speak to you, and you’ll get a custom floor mat that will go with your decor.

Check out the simple steps below on how to make your floor mat modern and chic again!



DIY Modern Floor Mat

Materials & Supplies:
+ A plain 18 x 30 doormat. We got one in natural, but here is a white one from The Home Depot that is even better for working with spray paint.
+ Spray paint, 12 oz cans in 4 color ways of your choice (I chose light pink, mint green, violet and grey)
+ Scissors
+ Cardboard piece bigger than you door mat
+ ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape Original Multi-Use 2090

diy floor mat tutorial

Step 1: Sketch out the abstract pattern you would like and plan your colors on a note pad. Or you could use the exact same one I did.

Step 2: Use the ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape Original Multi-Use 2090 to mark your lines on your doormat to recreate the sketch. You can use a ruler if you want to be perfect but I think it’s much easier if you eyeball it since there were only four lines for the pattern I designed.


Step 3: Place your doormat over your cardboard mat to prevent coloring your floor. I would work outside or in the garage since you are dealing with spray paint. Then pick a color to start the painting.


Step 4: Leave the tape on and continue on with all the other colors. You can use a piece of paper while you are spraying to shield any excess paint to land on your other colors.

Step 5: Let all the paint dry for ten minutes. Once it’s completely dry, pull the tape off the mat carefully. There will be spaces in between each shape where your tape was laid without paint. Working with one shape at a time, use more ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape  to do a second coat making sure you cover all the empty spaces in between.


Step 6: Once you have completed a second coat for all colors, pull off the tape and let sit to dry for 20 minutes.

And voilà! A new modern floor mat is made! Simple right? xo Jeanne

DIY by The Hip Kid. Photos and styling by SST.

I am proud to be a 3M- sponsored blogger, and, as part of my responsibilities, I get the opportunity to evaluate products. Opinions are my own and additional product used in the project were selected by me.

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