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Hey all, Trophy Cupcakes & Parties is making a pit stop at SST on its’ virtual book tour’ today! If you’ve been to Seattle, you’re probably a fan of Trophy and award-winning baker, Jennifer Shea. She has now came out with a new book sharing all of her top-secret cupcake recipes and entertaining ideas! I couldn’t be more happier to get one in my hands! The reason? This book is much, much more than sharing recipes. It gives entertaining ‘pro-tips’ (which I often need help with in that dept.!). From throwing the best parties to setting a pretty table to creating the perfect playlist, this book will get me through the planning from beginning to the end!


Like I said, there are numerous mouth-watering cupcake recipes. But what I found most helpful right away is Jennifer’s “5 No-Fail Tips on How To Be the Quintessential Trophy Hostess.” With the holidays coming up, I’m sure we can all use a little help on polishing up our hostess skillz, correct?!


So here it is, a quick run down on the 5 No-Fail Tips from Trophy Cupcakes & Parties (*note – the tips has been paraphrased from the much more detailed tips in the book):

1. Know Thyself. Stay within your comfort zone. Don’t get elaborate if planning is overwhelming your time or creeping beyond your budget. Be realistic about your time & resources, and your party will be a hit. Bigger is not always better.

2. Know Thy Guests. A wonderful hostess makes guests feel welcome & comfortable from the moment the invitation arrives, all through the event, up to the moment they walk out the door. The invitation is courteous, letting guests know what to expect: what to wear, whether to bring gifts of now, where and when the party starts and ends, and what will be served. A Trophy Hostess plans every detail based on the guest of honor and the guests. (ex. Toddler parties should be planned around naptime.) Overall, you dont want the party to be a cause of stress to others.

3.  Ask for Help – or Delegate, Delegate, Delegate. If “spare-time” isn’t in your vocabulary or you love crafting but don’t fancy yourself a baker, don’t worry, focus on what you’re good at (and what you have time for), then delegate the rest for party success. The chance of a successful party – and one that you’ll enjoy – is exponentially higher when you have help on board.


4. Be Prepared. Coordinating the details ahead of time and finishing advance preparation will make for a stress-free day. For example, prepare favor goody bags as far in advance as possible. Set up the night before if space allows, etc. Setting up always takes twice as long as your think it will. Ideally, everything should be done an hour before the party starts so you have not one ounce of frazzle in you when guests arrive.

5. Have Fun – or What’s the Point? The most important thing to do is have fun and feel fabulous. If you’re having a great time, your guests will too. This means you must follow steps 1-4, no excuses! The Trophy Hostess entertains to have fun, meet new people, show others a good time, and of course, celebrate and honor a wonderful, worthy, special guest of honor.

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At last, don’t forget to to make everyday a party! This book hits the shelves on Sept. 24, but you can pre-order yours now to get your signed copy by Jennifer Shea!

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Have a fabulous weekend, everyone! Hope you enjoyed the book tour here! xo Jeanne